• This Liquid PERFECTOR not only offers a cleaning effect of the impression cylinder, but also prevents ink transfer on the cylinder.  
  • Most products require a use of several other products, such as solvent, whereas PERFECTOR allows you to save your time from cleaning the cylinder beforehand or polishing thoroughly. 
  • PERFECTOR can be applied to any type of printing machine from desktop to web press - and all kinds of cylinder materials, without affecting the plate surface and blanket.


1. A powerful cleaning effect and toner transfer prevention. PERFECTOR enables an extremely long running of the printing machine without quality deterioration, because the printed ink in the first printing is not transferred to the cylinder even in the double-side or flip-over printing by mono-color/multi-color or double-side sheetfed presses.
2. Prevents static electricity.
PERFECTOR ensures good sheet alignment by preventing static electricity.
3. Strong anti-rust and water repellent effect.
PERFECTOR keeps longer life of cylinder and reduces maintenance.

How to use PERFECTOR - Watch Video instructions on YouTube!

If the cylinder is contaminated with ink, gum, powder, lint or other foreign materials, please clean the cylinder first with a soft nylon brush and rinse before PERFECTOR is used.
1. Shake the bottle well before use.
2. Apply a suitable quantity of PERFECTOR with a soft cloth; wipe the surface of the cylinder diluting PERFECTOR until it becomes transparent.
3. Immediate printing is available when PERFECTOR becomes transparent. No need to wait for drying up or wiping off with another soft cloth.

How often should PERFECTOR be used?

  •  Basically, everyday, and it is recommendable to use it for blanket cleaning and for every change of plate, paper size and pallet.  All kinds of product spoilage on the impression cylinder can be prevented by using PERFECTOR.


1. After long storage, separation of the compositions of PERFECTOR may occur, however, there is no problem in quality. Although, shaking well before use is recommended.
2. PERFECTOR is a nonflammable liquid. UN code No.3.3
3. Please read the attached MSDS when using and handling (If splashed in eyes, rinse well with water immediately and obtain medical attention. If ingested, induce vomiting. CALL A PHYSICIAN AT ONCE)
If this product is found faulty due to defect in our manufacturing or packaging, we offer a guarantee of replacement as the full extent of our warranty.

Watch us on YouTube
Watch us on YouTube